Introducing Cornea AI
Taking the guesswork out of photo sharing.

Popularity Predictor The Cornea score uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the popularity of your photo. With every transformation the Cornea score changes to help you choose the best version of your photo.
So, what's your Cornea score?

Infinite Filters Select from a wide range of personalised filters to increase your Cornea Score.
Make your photo look like a painting. Transfer vibes from one photo to another. Bored of selecting from the filter preset?
We got it! Cornea lets you create your own filter.

It's going to be raining on

Optimized Sharing Ever wondered how to make your photos more discoverable on Instagram?
Cornea gives the worlds best hashtag recommendation.
Select recommended hashtags to get more likes/comments on your photos

The Cornea app helps you create and share the best version of your photos. The Cornea team is working towards improving the experience of sharing personal stories with the world.